Council QS Cost Reports with Cost Logic

Apr 18, 2024

Council QS Cost Reports with Cost Logic

Council QS Cost Reports are essential documents requested by councils upon the submission of a Development Application. At Cost Logic, we specialize in delivering meticulous Council QS Cost Reports tailored to your project needs, ensuring seamless compliance with council requirements.

Understanding Council Requirements

Regardless of your project’s construction value, councils mandate the submission of a comprehensive cost summary report. The determination of who prepares this report hinges on the project’s construction value. Typically, if your project surpasses a certain threshold—often set at $500,000—the council mandates that the report be prepared by a Registered or Certified Quantity Surveyor.

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

Navigating council regulations can be complex; however, our team at Cost Logic is well-versed in understanding council jurisdictional requirements. Additionally, we work closely with architects to ascertain whether the project necessitates a Quantity Surveyor’s expertise for the cost report preparation.

Detailed Insights, Tailored Solutions

A Council Cost Report from Cost Logic provides more than just numbers. We offer a comprehensive elemental cost analysis breakdown derived from meticulous measurements of the DA Architectural Plans. Our reports adhere to council standards while offering invaluable insights into project costs.

Streamlined Processes, Consistent Results

Although each council may have its unique format, the required information remains largely consistent. Moreover, at Cost Logic, we streamline the process by utilizing a standardized form accepted by all councils across NSW. Therefore, our commitment to consistency ensures hassle-free submissions, ultimately saving you time and effort.

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