Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cost Logic Do?

Cost Logic provides quantity surveying and construction cost consulting services to builders and construction companies in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. We cover all services related to quantity surveying including budgeting, bill of quantities, final accounts, and tendering. Our capabilities spare companies thousands of dollars because they do not have to hire or set up a separate department to have all these services completed


Can you provide cost estimates?

Yes, we provide cost estimates for all our clients. We will use your own supply prices to estimate the total cost of the project. We will calculate the supply prices ourselves if you do not have your own. Our pricing scheme is location-based.


Can you give the take-off in our specific format?

Yes, if you have a specific format please send it to us. We will compile the take-off – following the format you provided. We would prefer you to send us the template before we start the take-off process.


What information is included in Bills of Quantities?

Bills of Quantities quantifies all the materials for the construction project. The construction materials are measured in volume, time, length, and area. Ideally, the Bill of Quantities will also contain repair and maintenance terms, an agreement with a successful supplier about the total sum. Suppliers use the Bill of Quantities to calculate their supply quote.


How long does it take to produce a Bill of Quantities?

How long we take to produce the bill of Quantities largely depends on the scope and scale of the project. The larger and more complex the project is, the longer it takes to produce the document.


What information is needed to produce a Bill of Quantities?

We need finalised design plans, consent, and reports from architects, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, and other specialist consultants.


What information do I need for budget estimating and cost planning?

For cost planning and budgeting, you need the following:

  • Initial cost appraisals
  • Elemental cost plans
  • Approximate quantities of cost plans
  • Contract sum
  • Contract sum analysis
  • Prices on materials (provided by specialists).

Cost planning continuously evolves throughout the project as the designs are finalised.

What information will a cost plan include?

A cost plan will consist of the following:

  • Preliminary approximate estimate – A realistic first-time estimate
  • Cost plan – How the estimate is divided among the materials
  • Cost checking – Consultants will check if the design plan is achievable within the current cost plan

Our quantity surveyors will look for ways to reduce the number of elements to achieve the design plan but at a lower cost.


What is Section 94 Council Cost Estimates?

Section 94 allows the town council to levy a fee on developers. The fee is used to extend support for public facilities, which will be under additional stress because of the development project. To put it simply, the council will leverage a fee from the development project to fund public facilities because more people use them due to disruption from the development project.

A Section 94 fee is a percentage of the construction project, which means, a large project will incur a larger fee. Hence, our Section 94 Council Estimates help you determine the Section 94 fee. We will look for ways to reduce the fee, so you are not paying more than you have to.