Final Account for Construction Contractors

Streamlining Final Account Services in Construction

Specializing in Final Account Agreements for Construction

At Cost Logic, our expertise lies in managing thorough final account services, ensuring precise drafting and finalization of agreements for all parties engaged in construction projects, including contractors and clients/consultants.


Our proficient construction managers actively engage in preparing and submitting final accounts to all pertinent stakeholders. We take charge of managing agreements among primary contractors and subcontractors, ensuring a harmonious resolution.

Components of Drafting Final Account Agreements

In our meticulous approach to final account drafting, we focus on key elements:

  • Detailed Works Assessment: Thoroughly listing, assessing, and equitably compensating parties involved for their contributions.
  • Accurate Cost Incorporation: Ensuring precision by considering all pertinent and accurate costs within the final account framework.
  • Comprehensive Project Basis Coverage: Addressing project-related bases comprehensively, including addressing claims for losses and relevant documentation adherence.

Confirmed Final Account and Cost Reports

We confirm the final account by presenting comprehensive cost reports for review before submission. Our advisory services extend to clients, offering insights into the ultimate project cost. This entails precise calculations and adjustments to the contract sum, representing the total payment to the contractor for their work.

Benefits of Choosing Cost Logic
  • Professionalism and Efficiency: Acknowledged for our professional demeanor and prompt responses, ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Versatility across Sectors: Catering to residential, commercial, and diverse construction sectors, offering expertise across the industry spectrum.
  • Industry Adherence: Our team’s adherence to the criteria and standards set by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors ensures industry compliance.
  • Comprehensive Services: From Bill of Quantities to tender documentation, our services encompass all facets required to successfully conclude a construction project.

For precise and comprehensive final account services ensuring accuracy and adherence, Cost Logic stands as your trusted partner. Contact us to ensure a seamless conclusion to your construction endeavors.