Council Cost Summary Reports

Jul 14, 2020

Cost Logis is “AIQS Registered Quantity Surveyor”, who are industry experts in preparing cost reports as required by New South Wales (NSW) local councils for Development Application (DA) or Construction Certificate (CC) Submission.


Depending on your project value (usually $500,000 but some councils have a higher minimum limits), most councils in New South Wales, require a “Registered Quantity Surveyor’s Cost Report” to be included as part of the Development Application (DA) or Construction Certificate (CC). Councils require this to ascertain the value of the project so the fees and contributions (As per EPA Section 7.12) attributable can be calculated. This is a standard requirement by Council

If you require a quote to prepare such “Quantity Surveyors Report”, please contact us via  [email protected]

To provide you a quote, we will require the latest set of DA drawings in electronic form (PDF)  and the name of the Local Council. We understand that in some cases, a quick response is required. Contact us to see if we can expedite this service.