Section 94A Council Cost Report for DA Application

Nov 30, 2020

Section 94A Council Cost Report for DA Application / Council DA Estimates

Are you looking for a  Section 94A Council Cost Report for DA Application? 

Cost Logic Quantity Surveyor Reports are acceptable to councils in NSW and please contact us for a FREE Quote !

For projects less than $10mil, we will deliver reports within 24-48 Hours. 

Email the plans to : [email protected] or Call Us on 0423609877

Minimize Authorities Fees

The very first step of every new building project is to gain development application (DA) approval from Council. If the estimated cost of your development exceeds a limit specified by the Council (typically between $500,000 and $3,000,000), they will require a Registered Quantity Surveyor’s Detailed Cost Report to verify the construction cost. The purpose of this is to enable the calculation of the authorities’ fees for Section 7.12 contributions (formerly Section 94 contributions), payable by developers following DA submission.

We, as registered Quantity Surveyors, prepare these Detailed Cost Reports, and have a unique understanding of the developers’ needs for affordability.


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