What is quantity surveyor work?

Jan 26, 2021

A registered quantity surveyor is responsible for estimating and monitoring construction costs for all classes of building and types of construction.

Quantity surveyors read and interpret construction documentation (architectural and engineering plans, drawings and specifications). They also apply knowledge of construction methods and materials to estimate and monitor costs, from concept design to completion.

  • In the pre-construction or design phase, quantity surveyors may prepare cost plans for concept design, design development and construction tender documentation. They also help prepare tender documentation (Bills of Quantities, or schedules of rates) and help evaluate and select builders.
  • During the construction phase, quantity surveyors monitor expenditure against budgeted categories, and assess and report on how project costs are affected. They may provide monthly cashflow forecasts and approve monthly progress payments.
  • At the completion of a construction project, quantity surveyors may produce tax depreciation schedules and replacement cost estimations for insurance purposes. If necessary, they may also support mediation and arbitration processes