Section 94A Council Report for DA Application

Nov 30, 2020

Section 94A Council Cost Report for DA Application / Council DA Estimates

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Section 94A Council Cost Report for DA Application

Cut fees with Section 94A Council Cost Report. 

In the initial phase of any construction project, securing development application (DA) approval from the Council is crucial. When the projected cost of your development surpasses a Council-defined threshold (usually ranging from $500,000 to $3,000,000), they mandate a Registered Quantity Surveyor’s Detailed Cost Report to validate construction expenses. This report facilitates the assessment of authorities’ fees for Section 7.12 contributions (formerly Section 94 contributions), which developers are required to pay post-DA submission.

We, as registered Quantity Surveyors, prepare these Detailed Cost Reports, and have a unique understanding of the developers’ needs for affordability.


As accredited quantity surveyors, our focus is on providing accurate Section 94A Council Cost Reports. These reports aid in effective budget management for councils and municipalities. Trust our meticulous approach and industry knowledge to streamline expenses, optimize resource allocation, and drive financial efficiency through tailored solutions and compliant reports.



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